Saturday, January 10, 2009


So I finally got my hair done again. My girl's been out on maternity leave since October, which seems like an eternity ago. The sad thing is, she's been back at work since December 7, and I haven't had a free day to visit her since, which was complicated only slightly by her drastically reduced work-week; thursdays & fridays only. But I shouldn't complain about that, as she wasn't planning on coming back to work at all. Babies seem to do that to people. Anyway, halfway through my appointment, she gets a phone call from a relative saying her grandfather has passed away. Things kinda went downhill from there. So I'm sitting there in her chair with dripping wet, freshly colored but not yet cut hair. She's sobbing hysterically in the back room. I don't know whether to get up and reschedule or sit through the awkwardness that followed. In hindsight, I probably should've rescheduled. I told Jordan about this and asked that he not get mad that I gave her a huge tip, to which he agreed. 

I feel like I'm getting the crud that Jordan had last week, which sucks. I'm supposed to run 6 miles today, so I hope I get to feeling a lot better here pretty soon. I didnt sleep well, and for it being a Saturday (and I'm technically on-call, but haven't gotten a call yet), I've been up since 8. 

So probably one of the least fun parts of my job, is the exposure to all things yucky & germy. And yesterday was no exception to that, as I got stuck with a dirty needle. I was drawing cord gasses and while changing from the needle used to draw them to the top that's made for the cord gas syringe, I stuck myself. I felt a stick and thought, 'dang, that hurt'. And then I pulled off my glove and saw my finger was bleeding and thought, "%#$@!@$!!!" So then started the chain reaction of filling out paperwork, notifying the higher-ups, having blood drawn, peeing in a cup, filling out more paperwork, and then more paperwork, making out an incident report, and getting a tetanus shot. Now, as a result of me, myself, and my stupidity, we are now using needles with safety mechanisms (as the original cord gas needles did not), which are like 2 inches long, making cord gas draws even more tricky.

For the record, I never knew that "moshing" was also referred to as "slam-dancing," which is considered a contact sport- and thus, can transmit Hepatitis C. Stay out of the pit, kids.

Isn't it just totally crappy when you stick up for someone without their knowledge and then later that same person comes back to throw you under the bus? People can be really hateful sometimes. Do you know what else is disheartening? Telling people something you're enduring and having to listen to horror stories relating to your problem. For example; when Jordan was having his gall bladder removed; probably 85% of the people we told had nothing but horrible things to say about their own experiences. I was telling a coworker the other day about Jordan and myself and his call to the ministry. So she proceeded to trash-talk youth ministry, saying her brother was a youth minister for 12+ years before he grew to hate it and left the church and now cannot get a secular job anywhere because he has "no experience." She then told me that Jordan should seriously reconsider his decisions. It really changed my perception of this person, whom I've always really enjoyed working with. 

Anyway. (this post is turning into a gibberish, mish-mash of random ideas) Since we're sorta on the topic of jobs, things are really moving in good directions for Jordan and his quest for a ministry position. We've recently been emailed by a church outside of Mobile, AL, asking for a face-to-face interview ASAP.  We've been contacted by Warren Baptist (for all you Augusta folks out there, that's the Warren you all know & love). We've gotten an email from a church outside of Denton, TX that sounds promising, and also from Round Rock, TX, which I think I may have mentioned in an earlier post. Jordan was telling me last night that he has recently become very excited at the thought of taking a ministry job, not because it marks the end of his schooling (19 years later), but because he is completely stoked about carrying out what God has been calling him to do. It's really fascinating being able to see what God is up to these days and how this is all coming together. After receiving news from this church in Alabama the other night, he was so excited, he didn't go to sleep until close to 3am. 


Megan said...

All that is so exciting--as expected, I'm rooting for Warren (but you already knew that). I know that the Lord's purposes go beyond my own selfish desires...yeah yeah yeah :)

Mandy said...

Hey Hollie! Love reading your blog about yall's life updates. So excited for all the opportunities the Lord is providing for jobs for Jordan! And you and Jordan both know God is leading you in the right direction with his ministry- do not even listen to people and their rude comments. People can be so negative about things. I think yall are going to love the journey of youth ministry! Keep pressing on!!

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