Monday, February 23, 2009

Oopsy daisy!

I guess this is what I get for starting a blog on one computer and finishing it on another! I completely forgot to post a picture of the shower invite (I know many have been asking to see it!) So here it is:
Disappointed? Me too. I probably could have gone all-out with fun black & white additions, but when you gotta make 60+, you keep it pretty simple and that's exactly what I did. It still took me and 2 other people several hours just to get these together! And I didnt see until Saturday when I got my invite that i'd stupidly stupidly STUPIDLY spelled one of the hostess's names wrong! Oh what Humiliation!!! I'm a do-do head.

So what's next on the scrap/paper/cards front? Making some personalized stationery for a coworker friend of mine. I'm pretty thrilled for another paid gig... and hope maybe some more will come tumbling my way afterward! :) She's given me almost full creative leeway- she wants some casual and some formal and the main color is sage green. Otherwise, it's allllllll me. And that's pretty fun :) Time for a product plug? I think so.
I'm not usually such a fan of the DCWV stacks- mostly there's only 1-2 pages that I kind-of like and then the rest is just wasted paper-- but that allllllll changed when I set my eyes on the green stack! I saw this a month or so ago at a scrapbooking get-together at Shady Oaks and knew immediately I had to have it! And what's best? Its made from recycled paper! Yay for earth lovin, tree huggin, granola crunchin recycling! It has matching chipboard... what more can you ask for? I cant say if I'll ever use the animal sheets- if just for a kid's birthday card or something similar, but I cant get enough of the nature-inspired pages!  Love it! 

I'm on a mission for a few fabulous new outfits! I've got a lot of semi casual/dressy events coming up soon (Jordan's ordination, Jordan's many interviews, Jordan's graduation... my life revolves around my husband- can you tell???) and J's given me the go-ahead to buy to my heart's content! Well, to be more specific, I can get an outfit or 2. I dont know what I want, but I know I havent liked anything I've seen recently. Even my go-to stores are incredibly disappointing this time of year. So I need some suggestions! What is your no-fail store of choice when looking for fab new outfits? 

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