Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Salute to Baby Carter!

It's finally come & gone!

The shower I've been planning since Catherine was 8 weeks pregnant is now hours in the past- hard to believe she's almost 36 weeks now!! So here are a few of my favorite pictures from today:

Our gorgeous mommy really really racked up on some great gifts! I am totally coveting the baby bag she got (pictured above)! Who knew there were baby bags that cute?? I think she got enough diapers to stock the hospital for... well maybe just a day. 2 diaper cakes, several boxes of diapers, like 4 jumbo packs of baby wipes. She'll be set for all of Carter's babyhood. 

Isnt Sheri's house beautiful??? We toured her house after the shower had ended and the rest of the house was just as incredible as the dining room. I think I could fit our entire apartment in her bathroom/closets. She has the cutest little murals on her kids' walls- her boy's room has a train going across the room with all sorts of things in the cars that are meaningful to him (including a painting of their dog, Dallas!). Her little girls' room has fairies and flowers and glittery fairy dust! Totally incredible. I think my favorite thing by far of her entire house was her refrigerator. Seriously- it was the size of 2 regular fridges side-by-side. Of course, it was completely camouflaged with custom cabinets. Can you even imagine it? Top to bottom, one side opens to the refrigerator, which is the size of a regular fridge/freezer (like the kind all us normal peeps have). And then you open the other size which is completely freezer- top to bottom, just like the fridge. I should've taken a picture of it. 

Yummmmmmm. Cupcakes. :) 

The fearless hostesses from L to R: Jennifer, Michele, Myself, Allison & Sheri. I'm thrilled to say that there was NO. Zilch. Zero girly drama. We had a fantastic time, of course, with a belly full of Taco Casa how can anyone not have fun!? I definitely didn't regret letting go of my control issues, because the girls didn't leave one detail unnoticed! 

Pretty mama & baby Carter! I hope hope hope she had a great time. It took a lot of work, showing the mini Martha Stewart that she's not the only one who can throw a cute shower. :) Seriously though, Catherine and Curtis are always hosting every type of gathering for any type of event that comes up. I can usually always count on her to host something for me, considering our apartment isn't always the most accommodating. Honestly- they're like our Texas family and I just want them to know how much Jordan & I love them!!!

Congratulations Curtis & Catherine!! Jordan and I cant wait to meet sweet little Carter! 

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