Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I am bummed.

Due to an unfortunate oral surgery my mom's had in the past week, and then her doctor's order for no exercise for 4 weeks.... she wont be running with me in the Cowtown. 

I hate that she has to endure some nasty nasty surgery (long story short: one of her crowns broke and got decay underneath and into the tooth. The tooth rotted away through her jawbone and up into her sinus. So the tooth and part of her jaw is gone now). I know she's having a lot of problems with pain, and knowing her previous issue with pain killers, she doesn't want to take narcotics. I hate that she's going through all this. 

And I really dislike that she's not going to be here with me. Running for 3 hours all by myself doesn't sound all that great compared to running for 3 hours with my mom there to encourage me. Jordan says I have to do it because I've already paid the registration fee. I should've run today but I'm so disappointed I just had no desire to go. I'll run tomorrow for sure and I'll keep running- I can finally see some sort of change in my body and running style. I've finally reached the point where running isn't such a chore and I hope to keep in shape for a long time. I kind of am surprised in myself that I've done so much already all by myself- I've trained up to this point with no partner and only the encouragement from my mom (from afar). Running 8 miles was pretty boring and I cant imagine that running 5 more than that will get any more exciting. I do know a few people that are planning to run and I'll hit them up for a little company and hopefully the 13 miles will go by quickly. 


Megan said...

you can do it! I'm proud of you!

Carey said...

when's your race again? can i come cheer you on??

01 09 10