Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Come on Garrett!

So my #1 reason for the recent DFW trip was Allison's baby shower. You may recognize her- she came to visit (with her hubs Nate) in January and put up with us and crazy-crotch-sniffer Mauve for several days. I wouldnt have missed her sweet baby Garrett shower for anything!

Here's a tip: when throwing a party where there will be a sweet course like birthdays and baby showers, try Sam's cupcakes! They are so yummy and SOoOoO cheap! Allison specifically requested some Sam's cupcakes and even though you cant see it here, they are topped with red/blue/green/yellow sprinkles to match the primary color theme. The sweet cup-n-cakes come only in 30 packs (thus perfect for parties) and are $12 & change! You cant beat that! It comes out to like $0.42/cake. Ridiculously cheap. Love that Sam's!

The shower was super fun and the other hostesses (all Shady Oaks Fusion Friends! L to R: Jalissa, Me, Alli, Catherine and Shelley) were fantastic! Garrett got all kinds of goodies and since Allison will be 38 weeks this week, hopefully he'll make his grand entrance soon to check out the goodies for himself!

Other important DFW-only errand? Getting my hair done!!!! I absolutely love my gal Jessica (She's now at Olive Beauty Lounge in Mansfield) and am having a hard time trusting anyone else with my hair and especially my hair color! Yet again, Jessica worked her magic and transformed my overgrown, root-heavy hair to red/blond/bob/bang deliciousness. I've stalked Jessica around 3 salons so far and I'd follow her just about anywhere!


tracy said...

love love love the new do!

Allier said...

Garrett made the blog!! How sweet! I am going to steal your pictures... something happened to my camera and it erased some. :(

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