Sunday, March 28, 2010

My most favoritest dessert ever!

My Mom & Denney made it in town Thursday night, hence the lack of blog recently. We've shown them around Rockport and Corpus Christi. FBC's Easter musical is this weekend and so they've seen that also. We've gone out to eat several times and cooked a few times too.

Mauve has monopolized everyone's time and sniffed crotches like nobody's business.

I determined at some point during the weekend that I was going to try a new yummy recipe- something that just so happens to be my most favorite dessert ever. EVER. Creme Brulee. Sweet, crunchy, creamy deliciousness. Combine the creme brulee we had with the baked potato soup lunch and you've got enough heavy cream to increase my waistline exponentially. Oh but it was gooooooood.

I found these little red ramekins at World market for $2.99! (it's a 4pack!)

I put my mom to work too. Please overlook the dirty pyrex in the background. It held Cheese Danish, which was also divine. The pyrex is clean now.

MMMMMMmmmmmmm... yummy vanilla bean speckles.

The brulees were an overnight undertaking, baking in a waterbath and then cooling the custard to room temperature and then refrigerating for several hours. We dont have a torch, so I put the finished custards under the broiler and voila! Brulee!

Now the only thing this pot of flavored cream needs is a little more cream on top...


I got the recipe from Food Network (A Paula Deen I think). It was time consuming, but not nearly as difficult as I anticipated. Today creme brulee; tomorrow the world!!!!


Carey said...

I love this. Great job, Hollie!

tracy said...

you make me wanna eat dessert more than I already did! turtle pie in the I come!

neckromancer said...

I like your presentation. It looks like an i-mockery experiment gone right. (That's a compliment.)

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