Monday, March 15, 2010

Ski trip Update

I spoke with Jordan last night and things are going well in Glorieta!

They drove to Santa Fe yesterday and spent the day skiing. No reports of injuries or broken bones which is wonderful! He did say a couple of the adults were sick yesterday, so please keep the group in your prayers- for health! We definitely dont want a stomach bug going around any more! Jordan said it snowed all day long yesterday and was supposed to continue throughout the day today. This makes for a beautiful landscape, but he was worried last night about how that would affect ski day #2. Please keep them in your prayers- for safety! My Georgia-raised husband is driving a van up a snow-covered mountain!!!

Tomorrow they will spend the day in downtown Santa Fe and then Winter-Fuge will begin Tuesday night and end Friday morning. They'll take off Friday afternoon and drive to Fort Stockton and make the remainder of the trip on Saturday.

New Update: Due to poor weather conditions, the mountain was closed to skiing. And one of the vans started having issues in Santa Fe. Thankfully Scott & Kim are there also and were able to help Jordan and the kids get back to Glorieta and get the van to a mechanic. Jordan says there's at least a foot of snow outside and even though they arent skiing, everyone is having a great time.

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