Friday, August 6, 2010

Connecticut: Part I

Jordan and I had an awesome time in Connecticut. People often give me funny looks when I tell them we took a mission trip to Connecticut. I also thought it was odd until we got there. Having lived in the "Bible Belt" all my life (Georgia and Texas), it was hard to imagine that there are places in America where people havent heard the name of Jesus. Many of the churches in New England are dying. A majority of the remaining churches have abandoned teaching the gospel. The Baptist association to which our church is apart of has partnered with the Western Connecticut Baptist Association in order to provide support where support is needed.

So here's what we did!!!

Vacation Bible School @ Naugatuck Valley Community Church

The VBS for this year was Group's "High Seas Expedition."

Hubs dressed up as Chadder Chipmunk and entertained the kiddos!

We had tons of fun with the other adult volunteers! I have many more pictures from VBS and will put more up with Part II.

Odd Jobs in Naugatuck

We painted trashcans and cleaned up the church.

Wednesday evening Worship

The students led music with help from Chelsi. We performed The Redeemer. (We'll do it again at church on Sunday night if any Rockport-ians want to come and support us!) Jordan preached about always being ready to do good things. So often we wake up and think... Lord, please dont let me screw something up today. We should be excited to do great things for God's Kingdom!

Promoting a Church Plant in Bethlehem, CT

We passed out fliers and put up posters advertising a new church. (the pictured church is not the one we were promoting)

Serving a Meal in Waterbury

Two churches in Waterbury have partnered together to have a dinner and concert one night a week. The churches are in an inner city location and are really trying to minister to those around them. They are able to provide the meal for free, and in doing so, are able to minister to the lower income neighborhoods/projects nearby. I think it was an eye opening experience for the students since some of the people who attended were a little... sketchy

Like this guy.

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