Saturday, August 7, 2010

Connecticut: Part II

VBS was a lot of fun! Our highest enrollment was on Thursday and we had 66 kids! This is a big deal considering the church usually runs less than 100 on Sunday mornings. Hopefully this will bring new families into the church. Also, there were at least 10 children who accepted Christ during the week! Praise God!!!

One of the exercises we did with the kids throughout the week was to talk about "God sightings." We explained to the children that they can see God in His creation, through other people, in reading the Bible, and many many other places. It was sweet (and often humorous) to hear the kids' "God sightings." My favorites?

"Walmart" and "In a cup of water"

But of course, we didn't work hard the ENTIRE time...

There was lots of goofing off going around. It was so nice getting to spend a lot of time with the students. It makes me sad to know that these 3 great kids are all graduated and moving on to college!!!

We drove up to Massachusetts and visited the giant Yankee Candle Store. We all left with goodies and scent-induced headaches. I got a fabulous new Vera Bradley bag. They arent so popular here in Texas, but on the east coast and in New England, Vera Bradley is everywhere! I think I even got a few of the other girls addicted!

We capped off our trip with a visit to NYC. We took a train from Connecticut to Grand Central station, spent a few hours in the city and then rode the train back. It was such a tease!!!! I think it may have sparked an interest in Jordan who had never been before. I'm hoping this interest will manifest itself in another longer weekend in Manhattan soon!

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