Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hair Therapy

So I made it back to Fort Worth last weekend. It was a quick trip (Friday afternoon to Sunday morning), but it was nice to catch up with my favorite Strange family.

I was so excited to finally meet sweet girl Cailen. I cant believe she's 8 weeks old and I'm just getting to meet her for the first time! Such a bad auntie! Sometimes living far away is the pits.

Doesnt she look just like her mama??? (scroll down to the last pic to see me & Catherine).

I also got to spend some time with funny man Carter. He looks just like his Dad! I love that he's really becoming a chatter box & kept me laughing with his silly boy antics all weekend. He says "gosh" a lot and it's hilarious!

I met some great friends at Uncle Julios for dinner. I miss these girls!!! They are so sweet and encouraging! I told Allison that she & Nate are overdue for a trip to Rockport. Hopefully they'll come and visit again soon! Jordan and I would also LOVE to have Shelley, Brian & cutie Sydney.

I miss Uncle Julio's also.

I love me some Catherine!

My other big mission for the weekend.... getting my hair done! I'm such a brat. I apologized to my hairdresser Jessica for totally stalking her. Literally, I have gone back to Mansfield to get my hair cut & colored since we moved over a year ago. I just cant break away from my great gal Jessica!!! She's the best! I cant even think of posting a "before" picture- it was bad! Traveling for hair appointments doesnt afford me the ability to go every 8-10 weeks... and I hadnt seen Jessica since the end of April. Anyway, the pics above are "afters" and I'm so so SO pleased with my fresh color & cut!

Fresh hair + relaxing pedi = leaving Ft Worth a new lady!

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Casey D said...

oooo hair therapy...I want some :) I already picked out how I wanted my hair cut (it is soo crazy long right now) but I'm kinda afraid of if it will turn out good if I get it cut..with the wedding and all.

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