Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Post-Work Conversation

Here's a snippet of the conversation I had with my husband over dinner tonight...

Me: So, like first thing this morning, the doc for one of my patients came by and broke her water and her amniotic fluid was really bloody. As it turned out, she had an abruption and nobody was really aware of it until her water broke.

Jordan: So was the baby ok?

Me: Yeah, the baby did great. Do you know what an abruption is? I cant ever remember what I tell you about.

Jordan: Um, I think with all the stuff you've told me, with the knowledge I have just from listening to you, Im probably like a doctor at this point.

Me: (laughing)

Jordan: Like, I know that you can break their water with either a little plastic hook thing or a little finger thing. And you just either hook the bag or scrape against it until it breaks. And with all the different times you've told me about checking cervixes and centimeters and stuff (making finger gestures), I feel like I could probably do that too.

Me: (still laughing)

Jordan: And an abruption is where the placenta pulls away from the uterus before the baby is born and it can be really dangerous for mom and baby.

Me: Well, this patient just had a partial abruption...

Jordan: Oh, well that's no big deal. I thought you meant like a complete abruption.

Me: No, everyone was fine.

Jordan: See, I know this stuff. I could do this delivery thing.

Me: So when we get pregnant, I dont have to worry about anything!

Jordan: Yeah, we could do the whole Hope Dupnik-have-a-baby-at-home thing. No problem.

Me: Good to know.

So apparently I talk a lot about my job.

Also-- not trying to get pregnant. Not at all. Just so you know.


Mendy said...

I laughed. Josh made me quit reading aloud :)

Melissa said...

Dr. Jordan Mims, MD. :)


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