Friday, June 20, 2008

7th Inning Stretch

Rangers Ballpark

Gooooooooo Braves!!!!

Braves Win 5-2!!!

The Boys (minus Greg... or Shannon)

We had so much fun on Jordan's birthday! Of course, it always helps when the hometown boys win the game :) It was my first Rangers game, and it was great (and hot! 100+ degrees! Yikes!!!). We loved getting to love on our friends- some newer than others, but still wonderful! And what tops the evening off better than a cookie cake, ice cream and lots of Wii playing?!! We had a few friends over after the game for a while to continue our celebrating. I think we were the only Braves fans in the group, but our Rangers friends were pretty good losers :) But then again, who's going to argue with the birthday boy???

Birthdays for Jordan are always more fun than my own birthday- and more meaningful too. He makes a big deal about his birthdays, but instead of chiding him for acting childish, it humbles me. Nobody expected him to live past 15, much less 25. So every birthday is a celebration- for real!

Current song stuck in my head: the What Not to Wear theme music (it's on now)

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