Thursday, June 12, 2008

Nothing much seems to be going on as of late. Usually, after a long trip, it takes us a little while to get back into real life, which is only because it's relatively painful to go from having no responsibility to working 40 hours a week again. The housework piles up until finally one day I just go crazy cleaning (that was today, btw.).  I'm now counting down the days until our trip to San Diego! Ok, so we haven't booked a flight or a hotel yet, which is probably not a good sign, but hopefully this year we'll actually end up somewhere nice for our anniversary. We both seem to be last-minute travel planners, which broke us last year when we didn't go anywhere for our anniversary. Now there's no rule that you have to vacation for an anniversary, but we talked about going to San Antonio for months and months and months leading up to, and never actually followed through with anything. Having been to San Antonio this spring, I think it may have been a blessing in disguise. San Antonio in July??? We may have stayed in our air-conditioned hotel room the entire time. Ha! One thing I've learned- Texas doesnt play around with the heat. The thermometer on my dash this afternoon read 103. That's friggin hot.

Jordan's birthday is less than a week away! We're going to a baseball game; Braves (woo!!!) vs. Rangers (boo!!!). I'm certain we'll be the only 2 in our group decked out in Braves apparel. Maybe if we make a big audacious sign and act like fools we'll get on TV. :)

Current song stuck in my head: Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis (when I'm alone in the car, I like to see if I can hit those incredibly high notes. when I'm alone.)

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