Saturday, June 7, 2008


The wedding party

Dad & Diane


Wade, Holly, Jordan & I 
@ The Pizza Joint.

Dinner with Grandmama & Papa Ed @ Bonefish

Spending the evening with our dear friends 
Megan & Jordan

Sitting around the table with the family & some delicious Cherry Yum-Yum

So we did a lot and saw a lot while in Georgia. I just treasure the time we get to spend with our friends and family, seeing as we don't get to see them very often. We spent an evening with Holly at Zaxbys, which isn't necessarily an "Augusta must" anymore since we now have one in Mansfield, but it was still good. We saw our good friends Jeff & Kristy Kertscher and stayed out entirely too late with them one night. It was our "Verdell-ian minute" as Jeff described it. I was delighted to meet their newest little addition, Joshua, who was just falling asleep when we arrived. We spent a lot of time with Grandmama & Papa Ed, who kept us well fed, between home cooked meals and dinners at California Dreaming (an "Augusta must") and Bonefish (also a "must"). Haha, so much of what we do in Augusta is centered around food. We had our ubiquitous lunch with my dad at Goolsby's, which was fun and uncomplicated. We saw Holly and Wade again and had lunch and a movie. The boys saw Indiana Jones and the girls saw Sex & the City.... which I would not recommend to anyone!!! It was awful. I have never seen the show, so I was super surprised at how graphic the movie was! Not a family-centered film by any stretch of the imagination.

Of course, the wedding went off well, which I summed up in the last post. 

We spent an evening with Megan & Jordan, which was full of incredible conversation and laughter. We ate at a new place, Shane's rib shack, which was yummy. We also hit up Bruster's (another "must") for some yum-o ice cream. We had a great talk later about where God was leading us and how important it is to be firmly rooted in the Bible. It's funny, because just this morning in Sunday school, we talked about how every Christian needs to learn how to "do his homework," and search the Scriptures after hearing a sermon or reading a book in order to determine that what has been shown to us is truly God's Word and not man's own ideas. Anyway, we had a fantastic time talking with M & J. It's always so refreshing to participate in a conversation with other believers who are really on fire and who share the same ideals and values as we do. Megan pulled out her Bible and we talked over Scriptures and spent time discussing and laughing and worshipping together. It was really a wonderful time.

Nana cooked us up a yummy yummy yummy meal of Beef Bourginon, salad, mac & cheese (a special request!), squash casserole (of which I did not partake...) and my absolute favorite, Cherry Yum-Yum. I've tried making it myself before, and it's never as good as nana can make it. Aunt Keeley was there too, but we missed Jesse, Uncle Jimmy and Josh. We "celebrated" my birthday, even though it was 2 days early and I got to open gifts from Cas & Duane. I ended up getting mostly money from everyone else, except my mom and Jordan, which will probably end up in the bank paying for rent or gas. My overwhelming shopping guilt would fill up an entire other post. Yikes.

Current song stuck in my head: Fidelity by Regina Spektor

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Mrs. Keathley! said...

Hi Hollie! It's Deana (Johnson) Keathley. I hope you're enjoying Cali!!!
I was just reading up on your life and saw that you went to Shane's in Evans. I'm glad you enjoyed it--my cousin's wife owns it!

Anyhow, I hope y'all are enjoying your anniversary trip!

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