Thursday, June 5, 2008

Home again.

So we have settled back into the routine  after a wonderful 10 days away from work in beautiful Georgia. It took coming to the flat wasteland known as Fort Worth to realize how gorgeous Augusta is. 

So the question on everyone's mind... how was the wedding?? It went very well. We had a good time at the Higdon House. The ceremony was beautiful. The dresses weren't SO bad. The reception was fun. I got to spend a lot of time with people whom I don't usually see much of when we come visit; my dad and Jennifer. I'm really glad I was able to get in some quality time with both dad & Jenn, it really helped to renew our relationships. I don't know that I'll ever have anything more than a surface relationship with my dad, we just both seem to appreciate laughing together and poking fun at each other. Regretfully, I had grown bitter with Jennifer over the course of this wedding planning, and a bug in my ear always helps to grow bitterness, but hearing things first hand is always good for clearing the air. I rarely ever get to spend extended periods of time with Jennifer, so when we do get to hang out, I really enjoy the fun we have together. I wish for a stronger relationship with Jenn, which is definitely 50% my fault and maybe 14% distance's fault. 

Me, Jenn, Dad & Cas.

There was very little drama between the parents, at least very little that I could see/hear, which makes things definitely bearable. I am quickly learning that spending time with my dad also equals spending time with deadbeat Diane. I am beginning to feel guilty about the playful names I give my parent's new significant others, which can only mean one thing... I am starting to find them slightly tolerable. Diane, for example, is incredibly outgoing and really always seems very interested in other's well-being. I know she works @ Main & Taylor, but I don't know that she's ever worked when we've been in town, and that she enjoys taking my dad's new car out and shopping. This trend has earned her the nickname deadbeat Diane. The blind guy (Denny) doesnt say much of anything, which might be good, because my mom talks a lot. So, he'll continue to be referred to as "The blind guy" (and anyone who hasn't heard the story, no he's not really blind.)

I attempted to post more pictures, but after a few errant keystrokes on my behalf, they disappeared. 

Hopefully sometime in the next couple of days I can recount the rest of our trip and post some cute pictures (If I can gain some patience and get some sleep)!

Current song stuck in my head: Loser by Beck

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