Monday, June 16, 2008


Ok, I'm Bummed.

So, I know I said something a few posts ago about our anniversary trip to San Diego this summer. And how we're both really bad about waiting until the last minute to book/plan things. Well, now we've really done ourselves in. We are lucky enough to have 2 free round trip tickets with Southwest due to lots of frequent flier miles. So these 2 tickets are supposed to have no black out dates, etc. but apparently they do, because while we were counting on these to get us to San Diego and back, now we've found that our days are blacked out. What's more, is that we cannot upgrade all 4 one-way regular tickets to 2 one-way premium tickets for some reason or another, which makes no sense at all, because you can change 2 regular round trips for one premium round trip. Stupid. Isn't that like the same thing??? If we could do that, at least they would pay for one leg of the trip, but that's not possible. Plus, I cant donate my rewards tickets to Jordan's account and he can't donate to my account, which is frustrating and stupid. And of course, airplane ticket prices are through the roof now because we waited too long. All surrounding airports are blacked out too. If we change the dates, we may could get the free flights we wanted, but then we'd be paying 3-400 dollars per night for a hotel room, because we'd be staying over July 4. 

And of course, I've already got my work schedule through September and I haven't asked off for any time to go away somewhere (except for the week we were planning to go to SD!) Jordan's talking about trying to go in August, which would mean I would have to switch a few days around and work on both sides of our vacation, which I hate. I always try to schedule myself a day off on both sides of a vacation, because there's always so much to do before we leave, and I'm always really tired when we get back. And of course, jet lag may factor into things, going to California, where there another 2 hours behind us. It'll take us like 2 hours to get there and then like 7 to get back, because of time changes- isnt that funny???

Anyway. I'm just so bummed now. I dont want to have to pay an arm & a leg to go on vacation this year, because we're talking about buying a new car soon and Jordan's almost done with school so we want to start seriously saving for our house and then of course, there's always school to pay for. I thought we had found a way to at least get a big chunk of our vacation paid for, but apparently not! I dont want to have to cut things out of our trip that we wanted to do because it's going to cost us too much to fly. Like, we want to go to the Zoo, and one day we want to drive up to DisneyLand for the day and then of course, we want to go shopping and eat out every day. Haha- now it's like, we can window shop and lay on the beach... those are free! We'll find a hotel with free breakfast and hoard it in our room for lunch and dinner too. Ok, so that's a little melodramatic.

My sweet husband knows how much I want to go and is insistent that we will be going to San Diego sometime this summer to celebrate our 2 great years of marriage. :)

I had this dream last night that I got my hair done and it was mostly this chunky blonde color with a giant braid in the front (a la Lauren Conrad). It didnt look good, and I was glad to wake up and have my dark hair back. :) 

Current song stuck in my head: Fall for You by Secondhand Serenade

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