Wednesday, June 18, 2008

It's Official!!!

Countdown to sunny, beautiful, fun, exciting, beachy San Diego California: 18 days!

We successfully booked our flights, hotel, and rental car on Monday afternoon- it was so wonderful! We did end up spending a little extra money here and there, but we both agreed that we really wanted this vacation! We were fortunate enough to catch the flights we'd be responsible for On Sale! They were over $100 cheaper than what we'd seen just the night before! Praise God! And THEN (as if spending $200 less wasnt good enough...) our hotel was on sale too!!! What a blessing! Isnt it funny how God even works out the small things? I mean, a vacation is a pleasure, something entirely unnecessary, but Jordan and I both are just too excited and thankful for these little breaks!

We're staying at a little hotel in La Jolla (la hoy-a!), bigger than a B&B, but with the same feel. It only has 20-something rooms, and they bring you breakfast to your room, and it's only a block from the beach! We're counting down the days to July 6!!! 18 to go!!!

I finished another book, Baby Proof, by Emily Giffin. I have mixed emotions about it- I was disappointed with the way the story line played out, but I couldn't put it down! And there were no babies- only a lot of people obsessing over babies! I have a book on the way, but after I'm finished with it, I'll need a new book to read.... any suggestions???

Current song on my mind: All at Sea by Jamie Cullum 

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