Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I love to fly.

Airplanes fascinate me.

I really enjoy flying- well, with a few exceptions. I don't like planes with propellers in the place of jet engines. I don't like incredibly long flights (like >7-8 hours). I don't like how flying makes my tummy rumbly and completely disorients my balance. 

Other than that, I really enjoy flying. There's just something about it, something that makes me feel so small and finite and makes God feel so big and in control. It's a vulnerability and a humility that overwhelms me as I sit in a seat in the middle of nowhere and nothing. I so often find myself singing the praises of Almighty God as I am witness to His incredible works- I mean, what else can you do when you realize that you are a tiny speck that has the love of the Creator of the Universe?

I enjoy looking out and seeing the curve of the Earth below me. The perfectly blue sky is hiding somewhere north of the clouds- a place I'll see soon after taking off. The incredible, overwhelming power and majesty of God's creation is so obvious when I'm soaring way above the world. 

I love seeing the Metroplex at night, especially the Dallas skyline. 

I think it's incredible that we have the ability to hurtle hundreds of tons of metal and navy colored vinyl upholstery tens of thousands of feet into the air at 500 miles per hour- and it's considered the safest mode of transportation! I could sit around the runway all day and just watch planes take off and land... it just seems to defy all notions of gravity (in my non-aeronautical engineer mind).  Like I said, I am completely and totally enamored with airplanes and flying. 

Current song stuck in my head: Gray or Blue by Jay may (Elizabeth Kartchner's blog has the best music!!! I keep it up in the background while I piddle around on here and Facebook) :)

ps. Pics and a long GA post to come soon.

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