Sunday, June 15, 2008

New Cards

Happy Father's Day card! 
It's always hard making cards for guys. 

Happy Birthday to Jennifer!!

It's a girl!

I've been really bad lately about taking pictures of the things I make and send out. I went on a crazy card-making binge a few days ago and these are the only pics I got out of like 18 new cards. Crazy right? I'm starting to run low on cardstock, but my fav store for getting great cardstock in any size, shape, or color is in Houston!! I don't plan on going there anytime soon, so I may just have to find some replacements around here. I really really really need to start scrapping things soon- I have 2 empty books and 12 months worth of pictures to do! It seems like all I've done lately is make cards and books for other people, which is fun, but I havent made anything for myself! :)

I hope these cards make it to their destination before someone sees theirs prematurely!! :) 

Current song stuck in my head: Love in this Club by Usher (which, I hate.)


Shannon said...

I'm so behind with my scrapbooking too! As soon as I "make a plan" to get started on it, something comes up and then it's 2 months later...

Melissa said...

Hehe... I just got it today and THEN read your blog!!! I love it!!! And your words especially!!!!

Love you!

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