Tuesday, September 15, 2009

At the Hospital

Jordan and I are here at Methodist Hospital in downtown Houston after Jordan's dad, George had a stroke this morning. Here's what we know so far:

George, a night owl, was up late working. Jordan's mom, Elizabeth, thought she heard a thump around 3 this morning, got up and found George on the floor in the bathroom. He was unable to talk and unable to move his left arm & leg. He was initially taken to Methodist Sugarland, but after a CT scan confirmed a large hemorrhagic stroke (a brain bleed, which is different from a stroke caused by a clot), he was transferred to the downtown Methodist Hospital. We started out on the Stroke floor, but when Dr. Ling, the neurologist came to visit, he decided to move Mr. Mims to the Neurosurgical ICU. They did a second CT scan which showed the bleeding had increased and his brain had continued to swell and was now affecting both sides of his brain (the earlier CT showed pressure on only one side). He is now on the way to MRI. They've also done a EEG and an ultrasound. We've been visited by a neurosurgeon who mentioned putting a shunt in his brain to decrease the amount of pressure, but have not resorted to this yet. Although all the test results are not back yet, the docs are saying his high blood pressures were the cause of this stroke. There will be a long recovery ahead as he has still not regained much movement on his left side and is mostly very lethargic and sometimes difficult to arouse. We are asking for lots of prayers from anyone and everyone. God IS the great physician and we are praying that He annoints the hands of everyone involved in Mr. Mims' care. Updates will come as we know more information.



Anonymous said...

We are praying hard for George to have a full & miraculous recovery!!! Thank you for the update with more information!!
Sending love & hugs,
Lara Fort

Anonymous said...

Hey Hol! I'm praying for Mr. Mims, and I love you all. I wish I could be there for support.

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