Thursday, September 17, 2009

A praise!

We spoke with the doctor after the angiogram and got wonderful news! They found no evidence of ANY aneurysms! Not the one they thought was in his neck and no evidence of a ruptured aneurysm where the stroke occured. Also, they did not find any vascular deformations in George's brain, which could have also caused a stroke. This is great news and a weight lifted.

So now they will continue to fight high blood pressures and watch the slow progress continue. He is very tired this afternoon, a combination of having the procedure(extra stress on the body) and versed, the sedative they gave him. Continue to pray for healing and check back again tomorrow for another update.



Andrea said...

It's great to hear some good news! We're praying and thinking good thoughts for George. Send him our love.

Greg, Kelli, and Eli said...

Praise God! Still praying. Love you all!

Vonda said...

Hollie, I know you don't know me but we knew Mr. and Mrs. Mims from Marietta Baptist Tabernacle back in the 70's. The Lanford's sent over a link to your blog so we can pray. Please know we will keep Mr. Mims in prayer and pray that his blood pressure will come down and he will recuperate quickly. Blessings to y'all!
Vonda (Williams) Livingston

Dina said...

Hollie, sooo good to see some good news...but I will keep praying!
Dina & Kendall

Dina said...
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