Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Youth night

Random thought: I love this new Starbucks commercial for the stir-in instant coffee- especially when it says that nurses cant tell the difference between the stir-in coffee and the real thing. We all know nurses drink unhealthy amounts of coffee. Funny commercial. (there's another labor nurse bribe gift Carey!)

Sunday night was a youth-led service, which was held in place of our regularly scheduled discipleship time. Our kiddos did an awesome job! I'm so thankful for strong leaders in our youth group. JC opened the service with a prayer. Timmy, Dani, Erin, & Blaire led worship. I really hope these guys can come together and be our permanent youth praise band! We heard testimonies from kids (Timmy, Stratton, and Aubri) who went to See You At The Pole and the Pre-pole Rally. John talked about high school discipleship on Sunday nights. Blaire gave a short message and read scripture. Jordan made a video out of the photos/footage we took at SYATP and the rally. If you click the link and watch the video, disregard the goofy pictures of moi. Thanks.

After the service, we hit our neighborhood Pizza Hut for some delicious goodies! Jordan and I had a great time laughing, talking and chowing down with our students.

Ok, I know the next picture is an "outtake" but it made me laugh. Sorry guys, but hello? The look on Meghan's face is pricelessssss.

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