Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New Update

We are still in ICU. There is no cell phone service in the ICU, so look to facebook and this blog for updates from Jordan and me.

The most recent CT scan shows more bleeding and increased pressure around his brain. He is still getting Mannitol which is a medicine to decrease the pressure. They are now also adding hypertonic saline along with the mannitol to hopefully help decrease the pressure more. The docs said it could still be several days before they notice the swelling begin to decrease significantly. If the swelling continues to grow, they are still considering putting a shunt in to release pressure around his ventricles (chambers in the brain that hold CSF). The docs are encouraged that he hasnt already needed a shunt and he hasnt needed to be intubated (breathing tube). Dr. Ling said he believes George will continue to improve slowly and we shouldnt expect him to get worse, but that he will stay in ICU until he is stable OFF of the mannitol and hypertonic saline, because only then will they know he will not need surgery.

Clinically, he looks better today than yesterday. He is still lethargic, but he is awake for longer periods of time and can hold conversations longer than he was able to yesterday. He can open his eyes and easily recognize people around him. His speech is still very slurred and difficult to understand, but he is talking a great deal more today than yesterday. He told us he is ready for a large coke and ESPN. He knows he is in the hospital and he knows he cannot move his left arm and left leg (no progress in movement here), but he asks to get up frequently and go see other parts of the hospital.

He will definitely spend another night here in ICU tonight, and there is an angiogram scheduled for tomorrow. They are looking for evidence of an aneurysm near the bleed, and they also found a small aneurysm on his carotid artery that they want to look at closely. Dr. Ling says that the type of bleeding he has is different from what is typically caused by an aneurysm, but that they want to be able to rule out that possibility. Dr. Ling is also encouraged that the stroke happened on the right side for 2 reasons: 1- George is right handed, which means he still has use of his dominant hand (Left arm/leg are affected side) and should have more determination to rehabilitate left arm and leg; 2- there are more cognitive/understanding centers on the left side of the brain, and if the stroke was on that side, George would not comprehend what was happening. Thankfully, it is the right side that is affected, so he is coherent and able to understand what happened to him and what is going on now.

Please continue to pray for healing of his brain, decrease in pressure and slowed bleeding. Please pray for patience for both George and us, as we are sure this will be a long healing process. Please continue to pray for our docs and nurses.



Greg, Kelli, and Eli said...

We are praying for you all. George is a special man and we trust that God has His hand on him. Love you guys!

Anonymous said...

We are continuing to pray & thank you so much for the updates!!
Please give everyone our love!
Lara Fort

Megan said...

We are praying! Knowing that the Lord is at work in your midst and that He is good, merciful, and gracious. Praying for strength for all of you!

Kelli said...

Lifting you and your family up in our nightly prayers.
The Rossons

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