Friday, September 25, 2009

Mauve and the squirts.

Ok, so I dont know if I made myself clear enough when talking about Mauve and her pooping on the last post. She has diarrhea. Ugly stinky doggy diarrhea. According to the vet, it's stress-induced, meaning that when we left her last week to spend time in Houston, she decided to blow a gasket (in her intestines) and they havent quite straightened out since. Her very favorite place to lose control of her bowels is in her kennel. Awesome.

Speaking of the vet, mauve now weighs a whopping 27 pounds! 3 weeks ago she was 16 pounds. Little fatty put on almost 12 pounds!

We made the drive back to Houston on Wednesday night with Mauvey in tow (by the way, she pooped in the car. Twice.) So long Stroke Unit!!!! We got Mr. Mims moved from Methodist downtown to Sugarland Rehabilitation Hospital! Of course this means he's eating food now (without the help of a tube) and is off all IV medications. Every invasive line and tube is out and now begins the long, arduous rehab process. Everyone looking specifically for updates about George can rest assured: his sense of humor is well intact. In fact, he's funnier now than ever before. He had us rolling on the floor laughing; cracking jokes with the therapists and was poking fun at anyone nearby. The doc today told us to expect 2-3 weeks worth of time here at SLRH. He'll have several hours of physical therapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy per day. He still has no sensation or movement in his left arm or leg and while being evaluated today by the speech therapist, we learned that he has a "cut" in his left field of vision. I dont know if this means that he cannot see clearly out of his left eye, or if his brain just isnt processing what he sees out of his left eye. Regardless, he has problems recognizing things on his left side without turning his head that way. The doc was also quick to say that as the swelling continues to subside, he should regain a great deal of what he has lost... vision, mobility, everything. We are super thrilled for the progress that's been made so far. I cant speak for the whole family, but for myself I want to extend a huge big monster Thank You to everyone who has prayed. Thank you to everyone who has called, texted, facebooked, blogged, sent cards/flowers/balloons and visited. I will ask that you continue to lift up prayers for his healing, his physicians, therapists, and nurses, his patience (!!!!), and his stamina.

Ps... no car poops on the way home to Rockport! Yay!!!

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