Sunday, September 20, 2009

Home again & catching up

We made it back home to Rockport on Friday night and were happy to sleep in our own bed. It was hard to leave and we are still praying hard for all of the family.

Mr. Mims has CT scans ordered every morning while in ICU and both today's CT and yesterday's are unchanged. The docs are still pleased with this, because it continues to show that the bleeding and oozing have stopped. It will still be days until they notice the swelling begin to subside and weeks until it's a significant change. They said it could take several months for all the bleeding to be reabsorbed into his body. Despite all this, good news! George is no longer receiving Mannitol and will be taken off the insulin drip today. This means he will be transferred to the stroke floor as early as this afternoon! Yesterday he was awake, alert and talking more and more- at one point for a solid hour and a half! Once he gets out to the floor, the work will begin. Rehab will be a long and arduous process and we still continue to pray that he will regain mobility in his left side, as he still has no feeling or control over his left arm, leg and face. We are overjoyed with the progress that is happening and want to give God all the glory for this healing.

Now that we're back home, I can post some pictures from the last week. Our first HS discipleship was awesome! We had almost 30 kids in our house! Margo Smith was sweet enough to bring dinner & dessert for all the kids. Timmy & Dani led music (see picture below)

Then Jordan started a series on Colossians. He projected a map of Colossae onto the wall, which is what he is pointing at below. It was a great night and I hope we have another super turnout tonight!

Erin, Savannah & Destiny enjoying some of Margo's awesome chocolate cake!!

Elizabeth & Mauve- who got quite a workout running between 30 teenagers! She was totally worn out by the end of the night.

Speaking of Mauvey, Jordan and I drove by HomeGoods (L.O.V.E.) while in Houston and bought our sweet pup her very own doggie pillow.

But somehow, she still prefers to sleep under the couch. I dont know how much longer she will fit underneath, as she has to contort her body to fit. Maybe when she cant get under there anymore, she will embrace her pillow as a nap zone. Big big thanks to Gains & Mary and Patty Albin for keeping an eye on Mauve while we were out of town. She isnt very happy with us for leaving her with little warning! Hopefully with lots of treats and a new pillow bribe, she will come around and stop pooping everywhere.

While we were out of town, we FINALLY got our new mattress!!! Big thanks to Ethan & Bethany for opening up the house for the delivery guys. We were so excited to finally be out of our old (full size) bed and onto our new (king size!!!!!) bed. I'm also thrilled to be able to use my new bedding and see the master bedroom really take shape...

Love love love it!!!! It's even lovelier than I imagined it. Now, I need something fab-o to go over the bed... any ideas??? We also need curtains, lamps, a rug... still lots of work to be done here, but it feels so good to have a sunny lovely bedroom to come home to!!


Samantha said...

I am so glad that Mr. Mims is doing better. We have been praying! Hollie, I love love love your bedroom! Your bedding reminds me of the background here on your blog. So pretty!

Mandy said...

I love your bed spread! It's so fun!

Erika said...

Hi Hollie! I LOVE that bedding!! Your bedroom looks beautiful! Also, your dog looks just like ours did as a baby. ADORABLE!

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