Monday, June 1, 2009

Call me melodramatic.

It's my birthday week! Woohoo!!

Yard sale = accomplished. Both Jordan and myself want to give a giant big ol Thank You to the Woods for organizing and hosting the yard sale. I am thrilled to be rid of some things that would otherwise have sat in a hot humid attic for the next 52034957 years. Or until Jesus comes back. Although, I guess our junk would still be around then too. 


The toe feels fine. And I feel slightly childish for making such a big deal about it. 

Here's the baby announcement for sweet baby Noah (minus the picture... it will go in the big blue space- in case you didnt already infer that.). It's not really crooked, that's just the camera angle and the announcement sitting crookedly on a chair. I guess if I ever expect to make more money on this whole card thing, I ought-a take more enticing photos with less "non-crooked" disclaimers. 

Here's some big news for you- I got a set of BumpIts! You know what i'm talking about because you KNOW you've seen the ad on tv. They go in your hair and add volume like a Texas sized beauty pageant! They're totally fabulous!!! I was a little leery at first, although I thought they were pretty intriguing- and then, all my worries were put to rest when Suzanne brought HER bumpits and I took one for a ride. I decided right then that I must get them... and I did. Even though I'd rather pull my pinky toenails off than go to work tomorrow, maybe I'll get up and fix my hurrr. (I love my job. In fact, look at what I found in the staff bathroom today...)

I know I'm not the only one who takes phone pictures while on the pot. Dont worry Amber, your secret's safe with me.


Melissa said...

Happy Birthday (in 2 days)- I got a little behind, and didn't get your card made- yet. I love you.

~m said...

kate needs a new do and to take it down a notch or 10! i don't know what the crazy mess she makes in the back of her hair is really a "style" at all?!

i have no words for the bumpits purchase....i need a visual of your hair asap!

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