Wednesday, June 24, 2009

NW Arkansas Naturals

Last night we were treated to our first Corpus Christi Hooks game. What is it about farm league teams and their need for odd team names? For example, we played the San Antonio Missions. Back in Augusta, the Sally league team is the Augusta GreenJackets. While doing a google search of other odd minor leaguers, I came up with this:

Albuquerque Isotopes

Lehigh Valley IronPigs

Montgomery Biscuits

Greensboro Grasshoppers

How would you like for your hometown mascot to be a biscuit? Or better yet, an Isotope?

Regardless, we had a fun time watching the Hooks play! The game went to 11 innings, and we left after the 9th and found out later those darn Missions won after all.

Corpus Christi is all about their Whataburger. Funny, I'd never even seen a whataburger until coming to Texas (although I've heard there's still one lingering out in Hephzibah somewhere...). Of course, there's a full service Whataburger inside the stadium. But really, who goes to a ballpark and gets ordinary food when there's park food?? After a corn dog AND half a funnel cake, my stomach was screaming at me, "What in the heck was that?!!?!" Hubs had the half pound Nolan Ryan sirloin dog. It cost more than his ticket.

Wow, either my monitor has some dust on it, or my lens needs cleaning BADLY.

Yep, no dust.

First play of the game. The crowd was slim pickins until the game got into swing and then the seats started to fill up. But for a Tuesday night game, they never got that full. We were on the shady side and stayed relatively cool... for South Texas.

Apparently the stadium is located where some old cotton warehouses used to be and is right on the waterfront. (thanks wikipedia!)

Happy Hubs

What else did we do yesterday?? Met with our Mortgage Broker to get a loan approval letter! More on this later!!

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