Friday, June 5, 2009

Cowtown Countdown #8


Who wouldve guessed that the thing which pulled us 1000 miles away from our homes would eventually make the list of things I'll most miss? I think it seems fitting and lets face it, the seminary probably deserves higher bidding than simply #8. Especially since #7 will be another place I love to go visit but rarely do. Regardless. 

Running these sidewalks helped me gear up for the half-marathon I ran and now are my punishment for not running as dedicated-ly anymore. 

The pretty rotunda is the first thing you see driving onto the campus, which is a stark difference from the Mexican ghetto (something that I wont miss AT ALL. Maybe I should include that in my countdown as well... things I wont miss. Traffic. La Gran Plaza. Tornadoes & Hail...) that surrounds the school. 

And Yay! Before we know it, 3 years here have raced by and Jordan's getting his diploma. I'll miss this place. I'll miss having a "free" gym to work out in. And hey, lets face it- for being a college/graduate campus, the food in the caf was pretty good. That has to say something.

Ps. I had an awesome birthday! Thank you to all the well-wishers, calls, facebook posts and other forms of communication. :) 

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