Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Cowtown Countdown #4

Oh Sprinkles Cupcakes, how I love thee...

Sprinkles Cupcakes

I know I've blogged about these delicious goodies before. I also know there's about a half dozen other cities that house Sprinkles cupcakes (and more to come.) I also know that Sprinkles is definitely in Dallas, not Fort Worth and not even Tarrant County. Regardless, I love them. I am a sweet fanatic and I'm certain that if I could learn to tame the tooth, I'd lose 14 lbs faster than fast. Jordan has more of a salty tooth, which sometimes cramps my sweet tooth style. At the top of my sweet tooth choices list right next to ice cream and fresh chocolate chip cookies are sweet cuppin cakes!

I would have, should have made the trek to Sprinkles and Bliss Spa today, but chose otherwise to pack more boxes. blahhhhhhhh. The Key Lime Cupcakes dont reappear until next week anyway.


michele said...

what do you get at bliss spa?? and you are girl after my own heart...who else would know the sprinkles cupcake schedule??!!!

Jalissa said...

:-( I did like that place, but it was the last time I ever saw my dad alive now I'm like BLAH

But they are perfect cupcakes, the next time we get a box dropped off at work I'll think of you Hollie.

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