Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Cowtown Countdown

Our time here in Fort Worth is coming quickly to a close so I've finally decided to blog on a topic that's been kicking around in my mind for some time now: What I love most about Fort Worth. So, since we are T-minus 10 days from "Rockport or Bust," for the next 10 days I'll count down my favorite Fort Worth locations, things to do, and people. 

So #10 is....

Sundance Square!

If I counted all my fingers and toes, i'd probably have more digits than number of visits to downtown Fort Worth. Regardless of our scanty trips, its still one of my top favorite places in Ft. Worth. It's not too big so you cant really get lost and I dont ever feel unsafe here. It's where I experienced my first Texas dust storm, and was the start & finish of the Cowtown Half Marathon. 

Stay tuned for #9 coming tomorrow... which coincidentally is also my 25th anniversary of life here on Earth. Good times. 

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