Friday, June 26, 2009

Book books books.

There are 3 questions that I have heard repeatedly since moving to Rockport:

"Are you settling in/finding your way around?"
"Do you have a job/when do you start?"
"What are you doing with all your spare time?"

My job starts (eek!!) Monday, which will be the end of my 2 week lazy-fest. I promised myself I'd lay at the beach for days on end, catch up on daytime tv (ok, so ALL I watch is HGTV.) and tear through some much anticipated good reads. I've spent enough time at the beach to have pink legs, a million new freckles, and a bright red bellybutton (it may be dark and lint-y but it still needs sunscreen too!), had just about enough of the tube, and have made it through a few books already.

So I'm digging up an old post topic: book reviews!

Just finished:

I love Emily Giffin. I own everything she's written and was waiting for her newest book Love the One You're With to hit paperback before I invested in it. So the paperback version + a Border's gift card = something new to read. This book, about a girl who cant decide if she is in the perfect relationship or still loves her ex, probably wasn't my favorite ever from Giffin However, true to Giffin's style, it was a light hearted page-turner that was easy and fun. I also liked how some of the main characters lived in Buckhead (Atlanta), which I am familiar with. There were references that I understood and could laugh with (like a few mildly derogatory UGA references). It was a little unnecessary vulgarity in spots and the beginning was slow to unfold, but all in all I enjoyed the book and was pleased with the ending. :)

Currently Reading:

I'd heard stories from Amanda over and over again about how great the Stephanie Plum series is. She probably has almost every one of the books and I'll be hitting her up later for the next few installments. While I'm usually in to chick-lit (not to be confused with chiclets, which is what hubs thought I was saying one day), this book is a little more crime-ier. Regardless, it's been a fun read so far. Set in Trenton, New Jersey, it's a little more edgy than the Buckhead Socialites. I know there are at least 14 Stephanie Plum books, maybe more now, so if I get hooked, I'll have plenty of reading ahead.

Up Next:

Ok, so I've really been reading this book for like a month. I'm determined once I'm done with One for the Money, I'll finish reTHiNK. It's not fiction, which makes it harder for me to get into. However, it's a great book about what student ministry is about and then what it SHOULD be about. About how camps and lock-ins arent working. About how kids are going off to college and 80% of them will never go to church again. About what needs to happen to equip students for a lifetime. Dont let my lackadaisical approach to reading this book make it seem less appealing. Anyone in ministry should have this on their shelf.

Any book that I ever write about is always up for borrowing. I probably have half a dozen books loaned out to people right now and have a few on my bookshelf (not literally... my books are in boxes in a storage shed) that have been loaned to me. I love reading and I love writing and I would one day love to write a book... maybe about a motion-sickness prone college student and her boyfriend taking a trip to Europe with 2 directionally-challenged grandparents.

So in other news, we made an offer on a house here in Rockport yesterday afternoon. We didnt expect to hear anything from the seller, but were surprised at 9 last night with a call from our realtor-friend Bethany. The offer was blown off and the sellers insisted they were not budging from the listed price. We are not interested in paying the listed price and therefore, have decided to keep looking elsewhere. They didnt even make a counter offer. It would seem like after your home has been on the market for a couple of months and you're paying 2 mortgages, that the only offer that comes across should gain more warrant than a flat-out "no". But whatev. We're going to look at another few houses this weekend hopefully and we'll see what comes out of that!

Speaking of homes and such... Glidden is giving away free paint!!!! Seriously! Free!!! Click the link, find the free giveaway, pick a color, plug in your address and voila! Free paint! I ordered Peacock Blue (a fabulous teal color I'd love to use in a laundry room) & Jordan ordered Olivewood (a taupey-olive color good for any room!) Go get your paint!!!!


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