Monday, June 8, 2009

Cowtown Countdown #5

Maybe I should've done an "8 things I love about DFW" countdown. I know my top 3... but 4 & 5 are going to be a stretch... and probably not as important as even numbers 9 & 10. I guess I should have mapped out all 10 things prior to starting this countdown before I started writing each post. Regardless.

So I involved my hubby dear in my countdown and asked him, "What's one thing you'll miss when we leave Fort Worth?" He quickly responded with, "Not Traffic!!!" And after some probing, he came up with....

The Pro Sports Teams

Now, I must give a disclaimer here: none of the Texas teams are really who we'd pull for. Sure, we like the Rangers, but the Braves are our favs. And Jordan hates the Cowboys. And we dont really watch basketball to get into the Mavericks. And we've never been to a pro hockey game. But after all that, we love going to the games. We've been to more Rangers games than Braves games and enjoy going just to see some good baseball. And the Cowboys frequently (well, at least once per season, either pre-season or regular game) play the 49ers, which is Jordan's favorite team. He's even happy to see a Cowboy game just to be at a pro football game- at which he will always root for the visiting team. The boy enjoys his sports, what can I say? 

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i am brilliant like that! (thank you google translator)

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