Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Messed Up

I couldnt stay quiet on this matter. It's really got me in a mess.

We all know I love(d) Jon & Kate plus 8. I've blogged on this before. Sure, Kate has bad hair, but I can look past that. I also think she's a victim of bad editing and I dare any of you to say you've never ever not even once talked sternly to your husband. I think she's misunderstood and is a good, structured parent to her children. She professes herself a Christian and does speaking engagements frequently giving her testimony to other women (I know- my sister in law saw her at one of those speaking engagements!). I have read their book Multiple Blessings and it paints an incredible picture of God's grace on their lives. And then Jon (not to be left out of the equation-- there are always 2 parts!) has those horrible earrings which need to go. I think he is also painted the victim by bad editing, and if he really is victimized by his wife, he needs to grow a backbone and take over as the spiritual leader of his household!

I'm incredibly disappointed by last night's J&K+8 episode.

Hence, therefore I will no longer be an avid watcher of their little TV show. I've already deleted my TiVO season pass and taken the show off my facebook favorites. Shame on TLC for continuing to film this family in chaos. But moreso, shame on the Gosselins for thinking that it's still ok to film their family through all their dirty laundry and bad press. The FIRST thing they should have done when ugly things came around was give up the show. They will say to their grave that they do the show for the kids, but I guarantee the kids will live after the show goes off the air. They may not get free trips to Disney or crooked play houses, but neither did I or my sisters and I'd say we turned out pretty ok. (In fact, I learned that my parents worked HARD to provide us vacations and isnt that a wonderful lesson for kids?)

Also, STOP saying your main priority is your kids! Your main priority should be GOD then your marriage and then the kids. Check the Bible- that's the plan. Both in Ephesians (5:22-6:4) AND Colossians (3:18-21), Paul writes that a husband should love his wife like Christ loved us. A marriage is intended to be a real world picture of the love and forgiveness of Christ. Only AFTER Paul speaks on marriage, does he give charges to parents regarding their children. Remember, marriage is a covenant between two people and God. J&K continue to say they will be better parents to their children by not arguing in front of them, but how much MORE will the kids learn about forgiveness and love if J&K can visibly work through their problems and STAY MARRIED?!!!?

It just makes me sick to my stomach to think that this sweet family is going through a divorce. They need some serious prayer time, counseling and turning their priorities back to God and away from their TV show and "things." I dont know what other issues are boiling under the surface or if the publicity really did them in, but I do know that God is so much bigger than such things. I .... I dont know what else to say.

Update: I just read that TLC has stopped production of the show after learning Kate had filed for divorce. They should also pay for counseling (for all 10 of them!) I'm just saying.


Allier said...

I totally agree! I was saddened to hear, but even more upset that yet another Christian family will be torn apart by divorce. I am so glad that I have friends (no matter how far away) that agree and remember that God is bigger than anything!

Carey said...

heard that. i totally agree. it makes me so sad.

Duane Borba said...

I agree Hollie! It makes me so sad to see that they are putting this show and what they think will be better for their kids before their marriage. I remember the last time we went to Sunday school with you in Fort Worth, they talked about how the marriage should come before family. God can get them through this, but only if they let Him work. It seems like they are not even trying anymore.

Duane Borba said...

Oh..and this is Cas

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