Friday, June 12, 2009


Numbers 3, 2 and 1 of the Cowtown Countdown are going to be good. Unfortunately our cable will be shut off in the next 10 minutes which leaves me no time to blog about who i'm going to miss most here in Fort Worth (it's pretty much a 3-way tie!)

I would've blogged last night after I got home from my LAST DAY OF WORK (tear!), until I got in a hit & run!! Some loser totally plowed into the back of my lovely little Jetta and then backed up, turned and fled down a side street. Jerk. Good thing is I got his plate # and I had a witness that followed him and got a good look at his car (it was after 9 & getting dark) & the guy himself. Bad thing is the bumper of my car did it's job for sure- it's in need of some repair work now. So the Fort Worth Police came and looked the tags up and sure enough the idiot has been arrested multiple times.... once for gay male prostitution. 

I got violated in the rear by a gay male prostitute.

Ok ok, I couldnt help that. You knew it was coming, albeit a little inappropriate. (sorry mom.) So instead of packing I'm blogging and then after this, I'll be on the phone with insurance for goodness only knows how long. 

But seriously! Come back in a few days and the countdown that I know you're all looking forward to will come to a resounding finish! Until then, pray for my back and my sanity!!!


Melissa said...

HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I can't stop laughing. Thank you for that! :)

But seriously- I'm glad you're okay.

Good luck with the move!

Carey said...

aaaaaaahahahhahaaa! i needed a laugh today.

Allier said...

Miss you already... that was a funny read though! Hope you guys are getting all settled in.

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