Sunday, June 7, 2009

Cowtown Countdown #7 & #6

So I worked yesterday and went immediately after work to dinner with Jordan and our friends Brian & Brandi Koch (& Bailey!!). So needless to say after a long day and a nice meal, I wasnt worried with blogging! Therefore, today is two-fer Sunday! (Not as catchy as Two-fer Tuesday, is it?). 


Ok, Ok. I KNOW tex-mex lives in places outside of the metroplex. I get it. I can tell you one thing though, it doesnt live in Augusta, Georgia (sorry Monterrey, you suck.). I look forward to some decent mexican places in Rockport and I've even already eaten at one, but there's just nothing better than some of the mexican places here in Fort Worth. Even last night, we ate at Joe T's, which may not be the tastiest of the bunch, but you cant beat the patio. It's like being in another land completely. 
Yum. I could eat Tex Mex everyDAY. 


Fort Worth Botanic Gardens

Talk about being in another land completely. I love this place. It's another spot that I rarely visited in comparison to the time we spent here, but it's still wonderful. I took pictures for my mama here that she has framed over her fireplace. I played frisbee with Cas & Duane out in the grass. I got pictures of sweet baby Noah while he was still in his mama's belly. 

See how pretty?? This place is magical and beautiful and interesting and lovely and bad for feet in heels. I wouldve convinced my sister to have her magical wedding here (she's not getting married anytime soon, I'm just a freak like that), but now maybe the beach is a better option.

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Carey said...

we'll be in port a 20 & 21 of this month! when are you moving?

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